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-->>  What can I expect on our first meeting --

** You can expect to be warmly greeted with a warm genuine smile & light conversation. As we get to know one another and become more comfortable we can discuss your specific tension needs, i.e., points of interest on your body.

--> >** How do we approach the donation giving, I.e., session fee? --



🌟Method of Donation:

I accept Cash, cash App.


*Please do not ask me if I have change or to break change, I do not. Please have your pre-counted donation, as well as gratuities ready & well organized at time of session, upon your arrival, or my arrival.

Tips are welcomed!

-->> Can I/we get high beforehand, or during session?

** Absolutely not!! I do not partake in any drug, alcohol or tobacco use, and will not tolerate being around controlled substances or anyone who is under the influence of them.

I do not judge others or their lifestyle choices however, I choose not to spend time with people who are high (Other than a natural one).  
Arriving for our session or if I arrive to your Hotel & you are "Under the Influence" will result in the immediate cessation of our appointment. Please note that you will also forfeit any donations received to that point. Besides, if you are one who needs to get high in order to have a great session, I can assure you that we are not compatible and choosing another erotic provider would be your best option.



Flowers, Exotic Wines/Local Wines, Amazon, Ebay and Starbucks Gift Cards always appreciated!


-->>  Contact me!


Text Me Today to Schedule!

Phone call's are also welcomed. 

Same-day, short notice and advance scheduling available.


Don't wait...

Schedule with me today!


Text me @___ 503-728-8264___ 

email Inquires:


I delete emails/text with any pictures, or rude and explicit content or no pertinent info.

When scheduling call me from your personal cell phone number, connected to a verifiable phone carrier/network to schedule. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Please keep in mind that I only accept RESPECTFUL GENTLEMEN, as clients.


I expect you to be on your best behavior during your/our visit, if you feel that this may be a problem, please do not contact me.

City: _ Portland, Oregon


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